Complex Problems Need Simple Technology Solutions


Every industry and business has a system that they use. The system may track grades or the work on a construction site, or it could be a system that dynamically changes a sign. These systems are often complex to build, difficult and clunky to use, and hard to update. They require more manpower and time than you have. This is where DABSquared can help.

DABSquared focuses on creating simple tech solutions for complex system problems. Whether it’s for High tech (DABDisplay), the education field (Curveu), the automotive industry (Tronix), the construction industry (Klinche) or even your social life (SparkSocial), we answer the question:

” Is there straightforward system that solves your complex system problem? “

A system that is :

  • Easy To Use

  •  Easy To Maintain 

  • And Quickly Manipulates Data 

 Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, DABSquared creates applications across multiple platforms that solve a variety of problems. Their team of entrepreneurial developers works quickly and efficiently.

Why DABSquared?

  • Experience in a variety of industries

  • We understand how to manipulate data in a variety of ways to suit your business needs.

  • Responsive, quick turnaround time.

  • Available 24/7. Well almost.

  • We work closely with you using a variety of flexible tools to improve and automate the business solution.

Contact us today to discuss how DABSquared can create a Simple Technology Solution for your Complex Problem. 

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